RTG Graph

RTG Graph provides you with a powerful tool to create graphs, information graphics, diagrams, and anything else you can think of. It is based on the well-known mxGraph library that offers a feature-rich, JavaScript based editor for all diagramming purposes.

We have integrated our RTG Graph Editor closely with default Liferay features, so graphs can directly be stored in Document Library, including all its possibilities like previews, versioning, metadata management, workflows, and permissions. Created graphs can therefore be included in all areas of your portal, just like any document.

RTG Survey is available in Liferay Marketplace and offers a 30-day trial license for free. Please feel free to let us know about your experience with our portlets. We are constantly developing new features for our products and eager to fit them to our customer's needs. For feedback of any kind please contact us via ed.elatrop-gtr@stcudorp.


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