Liferay Inline Editing

To be able to edit articles directly on the containing website helps authors manage contents in a Content Management System (CMS) a lot. The Liferay Portal system offers extensive options to incorporate a CMS, but does not give authors the possibility to edit articles directly. This is where our Liferay Hook steps in and extends the native CMS solution.

To support the work of editorial staff on a website, we implement a solution saving in two stages: The first stage continuously saves the article in a draft. This draft article is a temporary state of the article and prevents data loss. It is only visible to the editors in the system. Only the manual publication of the written and designed article distributes the content further in a possibly employed workflow. The editing of articles stays possible not only for one but for all editors.

To distribute these improvements to other developing parties, we offer the Hook without cost in the Liferay Marketplace. Maybe you as well have found the lack of such features obstructive in a project of yourself. Please do not hesitate to contact us via email or our contact form if you have questions, ideas for improvements or feedback of any nature. We are always grateful for any input regarding our products.


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